Compulsory Education: Web 101 Needs a Place

When I was in high school, the district made a computer skills class a requirement for graduation. At the time, we all hated it.

“I already know how to use a computer!” I thought.

In reality, I knew how to play games and write up my homework on a computer. And I couldn’t even do that well. Until that class, I typed with my index fingers only.

I learned to make a laughable Web 1.0 page, and those meager skills are still rattling around in my brain somewhere. I only wish that I could have learned more.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that—as an aspiring journalist and member of modern society—I will need to know not only how to use the Web, but also know how it works.

These days it’s just common knowledge that computer literacy is a necessary skill in the workplace. However, I think that many people are afraid of new technology. It seems that people are simply becoming more apologetic for their lack of computer skills than taking initiative to learn.

But the Web isn’t going away, and it can no longer be avoided. It’s time to overcome the fear of computers* and the Web.

*And is it just me, or is that Web site ironic or what?


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