I Want Real News

Any journalist can tell you that there are certain requirements for something to be considered newsworthy. Not just any water cooler gossip is worthy of being put into print. Is it?

Unfortunately, with the ability to broadcast your life to the world via the Web, an office scandal can turn into a national debate.

Case in point, a recent tweet by columnist and CEO of Brazencareerist.com, Penelope Trunk, said that she was relieved she had a miscarriage at work. Major news networks like CNN have covered this flippant remark.

Although the cavalier attitude toward a miscarriage is unappealing to most, it shouldn’t be a total surprise. Not every pregnancy is wanted.

So why is this news?

She wasn’t a household name before this incident; the issue of abortion is somewhat current, but not pressing; and it has little to no impact on anyone other than Trunk and her family.

I don’t even think that this is a novelty.

People love to talk about themselves, and seeing every detail of someone’s life posted on the Web isn’t new.

It seems that with the Internet apparently taking over traditional news, the traditional news tries to fight back by covering the happenings of the Web.

But the give and take isn’t quite equal. While the Web has everything traditional media does and more, traditional media cannot take everything from the Web and use it successfully.

This is why the news values shouldn’t be forgotten or abandoned in this time of change. “Internet sensation” isn’t on the list for a reason.


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